AET (Aluminum Extrusion Technologies)  Extrusion Dies

AET (Aluminum Extrusion Technologies) Extrusion Dies

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We offer Extrusion Die format Solid shapes (flat , pocket, feed plate) Hollow ( port-hole, micro-bridge) Backers, Bolsters Our leading design techniques offer our clients many ways to accomplish an extrusion EDM taper -cut ( c-rte) will provide maximum support 4-axis hollow die machining allows metal flow control to weld exactly in the corner (a.e.t. exclusive) Welcome to Aluminum Extrusion Technologies a leader in extrusion die design. We are a value added company that is an asset to yours. Proven quality and on-time performance has allowed us to be a die vendor and supply partner for the world's leading extruders . 35 years plus of experience sets a wealth of wisdom that is shared with our clients to accomplish each task. We work together with our customer to be more than just a supplier of extrusion dies. We build a wide spectrum of tooling, from architectural to automotive. We would be pleased to quote your tooling needs and also discuss any questions of your shapes needed to be produced.