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Looking for An Anodize Source?

Looking for an anodize source with great capabilities, lead times and service? South Georgia Anodizing is a new source of anodizing for extruders.  Having finished a new building and installation of equipment in 2019, South Georgia Anodizing is well prepared and equipped to service the needs of extruders.

South Georgia Anodizing offers custom anodizing to your specification.

201R1 Decorative clear anodize with min thickness of 0.2mil

202R1    Decorative clear anodize with min thickness of 0.3mil

204R1  Class 2 clear anodize with minimum thickness of .04mil

215R1 Class 1 clear anodize with minimum thickness of 0.7mil

2-step a range of bronze and black

South Georgia Anodizing also offers a Dyeing process in which a color is absorbed into the process of the coating through assimilation in a dye bath. Dyeing of anodized coatings is the oldest method of coloring and is still widely used.  It is done in much the same way cloth is dyed

by soaking in a dye solution. 

Dyes for almost any color are available.  Dyes vary, though, in their degree of colorfast-ness.  The exact color you want may not be available in a dye suitable for, say, outdoor exposure to bright light.

32’ max length

4’ minimum length (please discuss with us the need for small parts)

We can recut and repackage to your specification.

South Georgia Anodizing

250 Roland Sahm Way

Douglas, GA  31533


Ask for Allison

email: amoore@southgeorgiaanodizing.com

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